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Genuine and cheap SX Gear is best to buy here for Modding your Nintendo Switch to install CFW to play free games and run homebrews. It's for customers who only gets the OS code and want to boot any CFW on Nintendo Switch. SX Gear is your best CFW companion. Buy now, you can use a Voucher code and select USPS shipping to American orders(Delivery in a week), also free shipping to worldwide.

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  • 8GB SD Card
  • 16GB SD Card
  • 32GB SD Card
  • 64GB SD Card
  • No SD Card
  • SX OS Code
  • 128GB SD Card(16 Games Included)
  • 200GB SD Card(25 Games Included)
  • 256GB SD Card(35 Games Included)
  • 512GB SD Card(60 Games Included)

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Team Xecuter releases the SX Gear for modding Nintendo Switch to play game backups and homebrews via booting the CFW. It enables you to launch SX OS, Atmosphere, ReiNX and any other Switch custom firmwares. 

Note:  3 to 7 Days' Delivery via USPS/LA POSTE to USA and FR.Support Switch 9.2.0!

sx gear promo code

Please note, Xecuter SX Gear is only the USB Dongle and Jig tools for your Switch, if you want to boot CFW on your Switch, you still need to buy a SX OS Code or download any other third-party Payload.

Xecuter SX Gear

SX Gear is developed and produced by the famous Switch/Xbox flashcard company Team Xecuter. Xecuter SX Gear is their Third-generation product for modding almost all Nintendo Switch. It is including an usb dongle for booting SX OS or any other Switch CFW, a joycon jig for turning the Switch to RCM mode.

Important: SX Gear with Switch Pre-loaded SD Card is also here to buy with All Popular games in it. To check Game List.

SX Gear Nintendo Switch Compatibility

  • For consoles: All Nintendo Switch consoles with any firmware version and region.
  • For games: Support retail card games(.XCI) and eshop roms(.NSP), the SX OS support them.

SX Gear News and Updates

Xecuter SX Gear Shiping Begins! You will have it shipped in less than 24 hours.

Most are early SX OS users who couldn't wait for SX Pro to start shipping but were quickly missing the convenience, ease of use and safety of the SX Pro Dongle and jig. SX Gear is fully compatible with SX OS. You can purchase a license separately, or use an existing SX OS license that you have and use the regular SX OS boot.dat file. You now own a SX Pro, in red color :)

Also, many Switch owners asked us for an official Team Xecuter product that will allow them to use other (opensource) payloads. Team Xecuter provides the best quality product and users know it is best to stick to the brand they trust to make sure they have a device they won't have to replace after 50 boots. Or worse, one that would damage their precious Switch.

SX Gear is Team Xecuter's solution for the opensource community. To use it with your favorite payload, simply download the SX Gear `boot.dat' file from our website Place this `boot.dat' file in the root of your microSD card together with the `payload.bin' file of your choice and the payload will run as soon as you power on your switch!

SX Gear can support SX OS 2.8 on Nintendo Switch to play Thousands of free games with Feature-"Docked USB drive support!"

SX Gear VS SX Pro VS SX OS Code

VersionVersion 1Version 1V2.9.4
FunctionBoot OS or any other CFW on the Nintendo Switch.Install and run OS CFW on Nintendo Switch to play free games and homebrews.Enable users to get access to the best Nintendo CFW-SX OS.
OS CodeWithoutWithWith

Buying Tips for SX Gear

  • SX Gear is not working alone on the Switch, you need to have the SX OS License code or other payload for Switch CFW.
  • SX Gear can't replace the SX Pro, because the latter has the OS Code but SX Gear doesn't.
  • SX Gear works with the SX OS, it's the best to buy for SX OS code user.
Play Nintendo Switch GamesFor Nintendo Switch consoles

SX Gear User Guide will be updated in our official blog soon, wait for the link. And, if you want to hack Nintendo Switch much easier, please buy the SX Pro, while the SX OS license is your cheapest choice for playing free Nintendo Switch games.


work well with sx os

It has been deciphered successfully because the tutorial is very clear and the method is also very simple. Now I can play free games.


    3 days delivery

    It arrives in 3 days, it is a big surprise for my son, he likes it a lot


      shipping from usa

      3 Days, I have it.i Thank you very much! Awesome!


        free shipping to Atlanta

        Free shipping takes a long time, but it is economical


          In the top

          3rd purchase on your site, quality products and fast team for shipments.
          The tutorials offered on the site are clear and make it easy to put everything in place.
          I highly recommend.
          Thank you for being serious.


            A very good and smooth process

            A very good and smooth process. Clear instructions for using Paypal after emailing to them.


              Works on Switch 7.0.1

              It works with Atmosphere on my Switch 7.0.1 console, great.


                Very good

                All is good, shipping, payment and the sx gear itself, thank you.


                  Can SX Gear be shipped from EU?

                  Hello, SX Gear has free shipping, usps and express carriers? but where is the free shipping?
                  Reply: Hi, sorry, currently your best choice is free shipping, just 2 to 4 weeks to United Kingdom, France and so on.


                    SX Gear supports all my 4 OS license from this site

                    As the title, nothing goes wrong, they ship both SX Gear and SX OS in a short time, let alone the SX OS Selly instant delivery.


                      Payment send, please check

                      Payment send, thank you much, hope to get a tracking number soon.
                      Reply: Yes, within 24 hours.


                        SX Gear+ Atmosphere

                        Works on my fw 6.2 Switch, nothing to complain, good dongle and seller.


                          SX Gear with SX OS

                          Order SX Gear and SX OS, os license already received, the sx gear will be at my house after 3 days too.


                            Fast shipping from America

                            They are the USA site I'm waiting for, great customer service and fastest shipping.


                              Good service! Good SX Gear!

                              Everything goes smoothly, thanks, the Gear really comes from U.S.A.


                                Confirmed, shipping from USA

                                The SX Gear took 5 business days to arrive in my city of USA, they also told me if I wanted to upgrade shipping to 1-3 days, the Fedex could work. Patient customer service!


                                  Good SX Gear online store

                                  I get my SX Gear on 7 days. It works well on my Nintendo Switch v6.1.0 console. I trust it is a reliable website with shipping from United States.


                                    Pretty impressed

                                    The USA shipping is the reason I choose you and you make it work as promised, that's good, keep working on!


                                      A must have for SX OS

                                      Works Perfect, no troubles, and load the SX OS almost instantly on Switch. Plus, postage time is really short, only 5 days to me in America.


                                        So far so good

                                        5 stars! for quality and it works well on the Switch console with V 6.0.1.


                                          In stock?

                                          Before I purchase it, do you still keep the SX Gear in Stock?
                                          Reply: Yes, we have it in stock, in USA too.


                                            SX Gear received

                                            Hi, I got it. This time USPS is faster, and SX Gear works greatly on my Switch V6.0.0. I also have another Switch, if I buy the sx os from you, it will be shipped via e-mail only yes?
                                            Reply: Yes, with instant delivery in e-mail.


                                              Halloween Voucher code

                                              I see your Halloween voucher code when ordering and use it in my order, hope that payment will go through soon.


                                                Yes, I cam wait for SX Gear to your USA stock.

                                                hello, sorry for a late reply, just found your email in the spam box. and Yes, I can wait for more days for SX Gear shipping from USA, it's ok, thanks for letting me know that.


                                                  Paid by Paypal

                                                  Firstly I paid via the prepard credit card, however the site couldn't accept that, so finally I received the guide from this site to pay via Paypal and my order is shipped today finally.

                                                    Write your review!

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                                                    Xecuter SX Gear mods Nintendo Switch

                                                    Xecuter SX Gear mods Nintendo Switch

                                                    Genuine and cheap SX Gear is best to buy here for Modding your Nintendo Switch to install CFW to play free games and run homebrews. It's for customers who only gets the OS code and want to boot any CFW on Nintendo Switch. SX Gear is your best CFW companion. Buy now, you can use a Voucher code and select USPS shipping to American orders(Delivery in a week), also free shipping to worldwide.

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